WGC Cranes Crane

Blue Scope Steel

In 2008, WGC Cranes made major progress as a company by securing ongoing works within the Blue Scope Steel facility in Unanderra.

WGC Cranes proved their safety standards were up to the mark, by proving they complied with IS0 9001 and securing quality assurance. During this period the company also purchased a new 220t Grove all terrain crane to further accommodate the steel works requirements.

As part of their ongoing contracts with Blue Scope Steel, WGC Cranes have supplied:

  • Cranes and equipment on long term hire

  • Cranes and labour for 24 hour operation

  • Traffic management and transport

Today the relationship with Blue Scope Steel is stronger than ever with WGC Cranes currently responsible for maintenance and shutdowns throughout the plant.

Tallawarra Power Station

WGC Cranes were an integral part of the construction of Tallawarra Power Station, the most efficient gas fired plant in the country. Working with TRU Energy and Altsom Power, WGC Cranes provided crane hire to build the $350 million TRU Energy Tallawarra, a 400 megawatt natural gas fired power station.

Primarily WGC Cranes were responsible for the supply of cranes, however their involvement encompassed lift consultation in recommending and then operating a large crawler crane for major lifts.

With the project in successful operation by early 2009, WGC Cranes have maintained their relationship with the plant, and have since been responsible for shut down and maintenance work in the TRU Energy Tallawarra power station.

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Sea cliff bridge

WGC Cranes played a key role in the construction of the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge - a landmark of Southern Sydney often seen in television commercials. The highly technical project won numerous engineering awards and required ongoing crane hire.

By providing the vast majority of crane services into the $52 million dollar project, WGC Cranes proved their ability to service a major infrastructure project while maintaining their everyday crane hire business.



In addition to their day to day crane hire business, WGC Cranes have proven their capability to supply crane hire for major projects and infrastructure.

Some examples of major projects completed to date are shown on the left.

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